My Priorities:

Affordable, Accessible Healthcare

The cost of insurance premiums and prescription drugs keeps rising, while paychecks struggle to keep up. No one should go bankrupt or defer treatment due to the cost of medical bills. We need to bring down the cost of prescription drugs, increase accessibility, and support rural healthcare facilities.

Safe Schools with Adequate Resources

We all want our kids to receive the best education possible so they can get a good job, support a family, and give back to their community. It's crucial we fully fund our public schools and support our educators, so our kids can have a bright future. 

Make Childcare More Affordable

The average Iowa family is paying between 20% to 24% of their income on child care. The cost of childcare can be as much as a second mortgage. By increasing accessibility and bringing down the overall cost, we can support working families from river-to-river. 

Safe and Accessible Elections

Iowa has a long tradition of accessibility with voting - whether it be through early voting or vote by mail. We want everyone to vote, in a safe and secure election. Especially amid COVID, we must ensure all Iowans can participate in the November election.

Coordinate Emergency Services

During my time as Sheriff, we reduced emergency response times by increasing coordination among various agencies. We must build on this work to ensure all of our communities, especially rural, receive emergency services as soon as possible.

Prioritize Conservation

Together, we can invest in conservation efforts like the Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund to increase soil health and improve water quality. We can preserve and expand outdoor recreation like our biking trails and fishing streams.

Support Our Farmers

Our farmers feed and fuel the nation. Yet, they haven't always been treated like the essential service provider they are. Farmers are facing uncertain international markets, challenging weather conditions, and a lack of support. We must invest in our farmers' success because it affects everyone from the field to Main Street.

Invest in Main Street

Too many Main Streets in small-town Iowa are seeing the same thing: empty storefronts, dilapidated infrastructure, and population loss. If we want to support our rural communities we need to work on succession planning for our businesses, invest in rural broadband, and infrastructure improvement.

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